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Conditions of membership

CARBURA is an association pursuant to the Swiss Civil Code to which natural or legal persons who import or wish to import liquid fuels and combustibles may be affiliated. The CARBURA articles of association stipulate the following conditions for membership as "Importer Stockholder":

  1. Natural or legal persons registered in Swiss customs territory and entered in the trade register.
  2. Regular annual import of at least 3,000 m³ of liquid fuels and combustibles. Deliveries from domestic refineries are considered the same as imports.
  3. Sufficient storage capacity for compulsory and commercial stocks.
  4. Concluding a compulsory stockpiling contract with the Federal Office for National Economic Supply or FONES.

Companies active as Common Stockholder for the oil industry as a whole or as Substitute Stockholder for an Importer Stockholder are also members of CARBURA.