Rights and obligations

Membership of CARBURA includes the following rights and obligations:

  1. Minimum compulsory stockpiles: a minimum stockpile of a total of 1,000 m³ must be achieved before membership is possible; this includes all compulsory stockpile products which the member intends to import.
  2. Participation in overall compulsory stockpiling: the overall target compulsory stockpiling quantities to be achieved by importers are stipulated in compulsory stockpiling programmes. For new members, the initial minimum compulsory stockpile is adjusted annually in line with imports (average over the previous three calendar years).
  3. General import permit: each member receives an import permit for those products for which it wishes to carry out import activities and for which it is obliged to hold compulsory stocks.
  4. Prescribed storage capacity: stockpiling in the prescribed quantities must be carried out within one's own or long-term (at least three years) leased storage capacity. New members must provide evidence of their right to dispose of storage capacity before signing the compulsory stockpiling agreement.
  5. Compulsory stockpiling: the products listed in the compulsory stockpiling agreement must be stored in the prescribed condition and quantity and at the agreed location at all times. Stockpiling locations may only be situated within Swiss customs territory.
  6. Insurance: the products stockpiled and the tank installations must be insured at their replacement or repair cost against fire, lightening, explosions and natural hazards. CARBURA has taken out a collective insurance policy against machine and mixture risk covering products subject to compulsory stockpiling and tank farms used to store them. Terror and earthquake risks to compulsory stocks are covered by the CARBURA guarantee fund while the respective risks to commercial stocks are covered by the terror and earthquake self-insurance of CARBURA. The third party risk regarding the tank installations and the storage and transfer of goods in the tanks must also be insured.
  7. Compulsory contributions: members are charged Guarantee Funds contributions in order to raise funds for CARBURA’s obligations arising from compulsory stockpiling.
  8. Financing the compulsory quantities: the compulsory quantities can be advanced by private banks via an acceptance credit guaranteed by the Federation.
  9. Operational and capital costs indemnity: members will be indemnified to cover costs arising from this (operational and capital costs) for the duration of the compulsory stockpiling. The amount of the indemnity is determined once a month.
  10. Investment indemnity: for the duration of the compulsory stockpiling, members will be indemnified for proven compulsory stockpiling costs involved in maintaining operational readiness of existing tank space incurred for renewals or based on official requirements and demands from CARBURA.