GIP C: for the import of special products

GIP C are issued for:

  • The import of more than 20 gross kg of special products requiring a permit for technical or industrial purposes (e.g. solvents, production and industrial purposes, etc.) that are neither used mixed or unmixed as fuels or combustibles.

The GIP C is not transferable. It entitles the holder to import special products free of any quantity or time restrictions.

How to acquire a GIP C

  1. Fill out the "Application form GIP B & C"  DOC Word, / PDF.
  2. CARBURA will examine your application and issue the respective GIP.
  3. You must provide a legally valid signature on two copies of the GIP. 
  4. CARBURA will countersign the GIP that you have signed. One copy will be returned to you, which will include the GIP number.