Specifications for compulsory stockholding products

Products stored to fulfill obligations of the stockholding contract have to be of "customary quality". The CARBURA Board of Diretors defines the detailed regulations in implementation rules that need approval of the Federal Office for National Economic Supply. It is the responsibility of the CARBURA members to ensure that the quality requirements set out are adhered to at all times

In the framework of the current Stockholding Programme XVIII, valid from 1st July 2017 until 30th June 2021, the following products are allowed for compulsory stockholding:

  • Motor gasoline: Unleaded Mogas 95  as per SN EN 228, with a max. oxygen conent of 2.7% (m/m), equivalent to an ethanol content of max. 5% (V/V).
    Superior qualities (e.g. unleaded mogas 98) with a max. ethanol content of 5% (V/V) are permitted under the same conditions.
  • Jet fuel: JET-A1 as per Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems (AFQRJOS).
  • Road diesel: Winter road diesel (class 0) as per SN EN 590.
    Superior winter road diesels with max. 7% FAME are permitted under the same conditions.
  • Heating oil: Euro and Eco grades as per SN 181'160-2.
    Superior heating oils are permitted under the same conditions.
    If the stockholding contract according to the applicable stockholding accounts of FONES / CARBURA stipulates the storage of Eco heating oil then only this grade (or superior qualities) are allowed.
    A coloring unit in the storage facility is required if road diesel is used to cover heating oil obligations. Furthermore, the road diesel must meet all the specifications of  SN 181'160-2.
    Hint: As of 1st January 2023, only eco heating oil or superior qualities will be permitted for compuslory stockholding.

Components are not allwed to cover a stockholding obligation, even if simple tank of rack blending would result in an on-spec product. The CARBURA Board of Directos can set out special rules for refineries and bio components of road fuels.